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27th April – 29th April 2018

A Call from my Heart to

The Mystics, The Empaths, The Queens, The Healers, The Trail Blazers, The Seekers, The Visionaries, The Authors and Speakers, The Sensuals, The Warrior Women, The Inspirers & Feminine Leaders …

Dear Woman,

Something has been re-ignited in my heart of late. In a moment of total surrender to my Purpose and the next steps for me – creating this event has been given life.

In a quiet moment of contemplations, it dawned on my WHY I women I speak to everyday had been saying this …..

Are you having moments of being ….
  • Stuck in Overwhelm
  • Confused about your Purpose
  • Disillusioned about the Future
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Chaotic and trying to control everything
  • Relationships on autopilot
  • Procrastination paralysed and
  • Feeling like you are having a CRISIS of MEANING


then let me share something with you that might just GIVE you the FIRE you are searching for.

You see, I’m guessing you are a Gifted Goddess just like me.


What I mean by that is that you have SPECIAL GIFTS that can be easily identified that are magnificent when you use them, but super challenging if you DO NOT.


And that’s where one of my biggest aha moments came in and how I can be of service to you sister and to your sisters around you.


After a 3 year sabbatical away from the Annual Goddess on Purpose Gathering – it is time to Gather again.



If you crave to experience a deeply profound connection with yourself and others by tapping into time honoured practices that have been proven to get you in touch with your own feminine essence, then you won’t want to miss this life-changing event.

Join me and other Magnificent women for 2 1/2 luxurious days of FUN and TRANSFORMATION the way only Goddesses know how.


Are You ready to truly claim your gifts ?

Are You ready for dramatic change through ease and grace?

Are You ready to live by your design – embracing all your Goddess given gifts ?

Are You ready to say YES to You ?

To Literally experiencing the life you desire.

Not by striving, second-guessing or years of trial and error but by helping you identify that ONE THING that is holding you back and helping you turn it into your biggest strength.

Then you will want to join me at this year’s The Way of the Gifted Goddess Event as previous years have already transformed the lives of countless women (and men) from all walks of life and given them the valuable connections, proven strategies and vital tools for a better life.

Because when you say YES … this is what happens at do I mean by a “better life”?

the kind of dramatic Change that leads to:

  • Greater sense of purpose and discovering it faster, without feeling like you have to struggle
  • Greater and newfound respect for the divinity inside you
  • Greater Abundance that exceeds your expectations as your life, career and business thrives without being a workaholic
  • Greater love and deeper relationships through a few simple shifts in how you communicate, process some every day thoughts and interact with your partner
  • Greater joy and connection with yourself through the expression of who you really are and really want to become


And that’s just for starters…

Imagine your life in absolute flow and alignment with your Gifts.

Imagine how it feels waking up each day knowing that your children and partner are happy BECAUSE YOU are following the path your soul has always wanted to.

Imagine knowing where you are going and to do it in the easiest way possible by your DESIGN.

Imagine you are following your GIFTED path with ease and grace.  Knowing you are making a difference in the world in your UNIQUE way.

Bring your soul sister, family member, or partner with you so they can discover along side you all the Gifts you are here to embrace.

Imagine for a moment, being able to embrace life from a place of true power, engage with other soul sisters, have fun, build relationships, laugh and cry together.

Then venture out with new connections that last a life time!

But you should act fast as I can guarantee you this…

This Year is Going To Be Another SELL OUT!


Each year since the first Goddess Gathering, more than 50% of seats have been claimed by women and their partners who attended during a previous year.

In fact, here is a photo of the sold out crowd from our previous year…

Why Are These Past Attendees So Happy?


Jeffrey Van Dyke – Big Vision Business Testimonial


Jo Rolfe – Tuff Luv Testimonial


Julie Hunter – Iconic Star Stylist Testimonial


Bill and Pauline Allan-Downs Testimonial


Tracey Templeman – Evolving Spirits Testimonial

Understand that in any given year; only roughly 50% of seats are actually up for grabs! Because you’re racing against the clock to beat a loyal following of women who have:

  • ALREADY attended a previous Global Goddess Gathering Event…
  • ALREADY seen a serious increase in pleasure, power and prosperity in their self, partner and business using the proven strategies and valuable connections gained during previous years…
  • ALREADY pre-registered, without even *knowing* the theme of this year or who would be speaking yet…

Their presence at The Way of the Gifted Goddess is a forgone conclusion because they know from experience:

The Global Goddess Gathering Is an Event Unlike ANYTHING You’ve Ever Experienced Before!

3 pic

Of course you can expect to be inspired by an unparalleled gathering of women with real-world businesses, learn from extraordinary people, make invaluable contacts and for some reconnect with peers.

But what’s more is that the The Way of the Gifted Goddess is truly different not just because of the awesome location but because of the unique networking opportunities, life-changing presentation given each year, lunch opportunity, masquerade ball and other unannounced VIP special gifts and bonuses.

It’s this environment and kinds of experiences that create those stronger bonds and meaningful connections that lead to significant change and joint ventures that each attendee benefits from over and over again.

The Way of the Gifted Goddess Is an Event Unlike ANYTHING You’ve Ever Experienced Before!

What I will be covering at the Event





Using Scientific Hand Analysis – we will be concentrating on Your individual Gift Markings.  (Based on Richard Ungers System)

Unlike fingerprints that are formed 16 weeks in utero and never change, Gift Markings can appear  on your hands at any time to give you extra energy and support for your Purpose.

Not everyone has Gift Markings, in actual fact only 10-15% of people who have their hands analysed actually do have them. (A small fraction really)

There are 18 different Gift Markings and they can be grouped into 4 main types:

Public Requirement Gift Markings
Heart and Headline Gift Markings
Intuitive Gift Markings
Personal Gift Markings

When you have more than 3 gift markings it is a really BIG deal.  The reason it’s such a big deal is because they have shown up to be used in your life.

There can be a lot of confusion in different ways if you are ignoring them.

Because giving them the attention they deserve makes your life work SO much easier when you claim them.

This is why I am jumping out of my skin to create this event for you.

I have quite a few Gift markings myself, and many many of my clients whose hands, I have read, have them too.  In fact, multiples of them.  And when I share what they mean and also what it feels like when you are denying that part of you ….. the penny drops.


Your Life flows better, you start attracting new opportunities to you, feel happier and more aligned, and you can let your Freak Flag Fly (aka live authentically how you are designed).


Some examples of a Gift Markings are:

Gifted Problem-solver; Octopus brain, Mega computer brain (also intuition marker)

  • Master: Oracle, resourceful, focus on big, important, complex and/or complicated situations, analytical, logical
  • Student: Boredom when under-challenged, under-employed, creating problems in relationships to keep mind busy; living in tangled webs

octopus brain

Star of Jupiter – God of the Gods – Queen of Queens

  • Master: Super-achiever, leader, man/woman of influence, sitting on the throne, ambitious
  • Student: Senator’s Wife, stage mother, seeking to bring out ambition in another instead of self, power plays, trying to control the person who is in charge, self-diminishment to please others, power giveaway

Star of jupiter

Medical Stigmata – Gifted Healer

  • Master: Psychological insights, inspired communications; share spiritual journey with your partner; creating licensures; creating a state of presence for others to be transformed by listening, touch and/or offering wisdom when asked
  • Student: Dead end relationships (starting with part of self), blocked intimacy, sexual partner communication issues, may not be doing “enough” healing work; not sharing spiritual journey with your partner

gifted healer

Lines of Genius – Translator – Decoder – Interpreter

  • Master: 1. Interpret/Translate/Decode abstract concepts into an easy to understand language, easy to digest language.  2. Mass communications with the public – writing, speaking
  • Student: Shuffling papers, going nowhere fast, going around in circles.

So you can see how important knowing what Gift Markings you have and how they can dramatically improve your Life when you know they are there and how to use them for the reason they have shown up.

You don’t have deal with the Student path anymore because now you can see how advantageous they are. A true Gift.

These are just 4 of the possible 18.

If you are reading this and finding yourself nodding in agreeance or even just “wondering” if you have them, then you probably have.

So the INVITATION is to come and find out for sure.

You will feel such a greater sense of peace and clarity, knowing how they can support you in the best way.



Best Western Frankston International Motel

389 Nepean Hwy,
Frankston VIC 3199
(in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula)

Join an amazing gathering of women for The Way of the Gifted Goddess April 27th – April 29th 2018 right on the beach at Frankston International in Victoria, Australia.

Starting Friday evening 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm then Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 6:00 p.m. Indulge in complimentary sumptuous morning and afternoon teas as you go deep, laugh, cry, identify, dance and play in the beauty of Frankston over 3 sun-soaked days.

Bask in the culture, arts and nature that permeate this vibrant urban waterfront.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Special Rates for Frankston International

Single occupancy $145 per night (rate includes breakfast)

Twin or double share $153 per night (rate includes 2 x breakfast)

Phone:  1800 026 370 or online
Please quote you are coming to the Event


Here are just a few shots or the area

5 pic

Meet Your Host

My name is Luanne Simmons. I’m an internation speaker, author, hand analyst, Goddess, mama and life purpose personal coach.

I’m established as one of the most sought after personal coaches within the Australian self-development field. I also facilitate Goddess Playshops for sassy, sensual spiritual sistars (galactic star sisters).

I’ve been published in three books. And I have trained with some of the best and most renowned self-development, and hand analysis teachers in the world.

I have followed my life’s purpose, and continue to facilitate massive transformational change for women around the globe by helping them get lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Pleasure, Power and Prosperity.

I do this by identifying the #1 thing holding them back and then help them turn it into their biggest strength, so they can express their feminine essence and enjoy a juicy abundant life.

I attribute much of our success to my entrepreneurial spirit and getting the support and help from varied business coaches and mentors.


My journey took me from working as
a casino dealer to living on purpose.

I wasn’t always a successful businesswoman. My journey to living on purpose, and doing what I love with a passion was littered with plenty of challenges, frustrations, and a ton of fear and self-doubt.

Before I took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship I worked in many varied jobs. One as a casino dealer… I was one of the chicks that deal cards at the tables.

Admittedly I had a fun job, great friends, and lived in some cool places.

But the job never really satisfied my spirit…and my soul’s yearning for a true meaning of my life. It didn’t give me personal and spiritual satisfaction. And consequently I didn’t live on purpose. So after a succession of personal hard knocks I had enough.

The biggest ‘knock’ was when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor aged 27.  It was inoperable and if left to grow at the rapid rate it was I would eventually go blind. Even having radio therapy meant high probability of not being able to have children later on.  So decisions had to be made.

I wanted more from life. I wanted to discover my life’s purpose, and went in search of finding the “real me.” The rest as they say is history.

I’m grateful for the level of success I have experienced… both in my life and business. My path has led me to become a leading authority as a women’s coach.

I can teach you how to identify your life purpose plan, and take your business to soaring new heights. I can help you…

“I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Pleasure, Power and Prosperity. I do this by identifying the #1 thing holding them back and help them turn it into their biggest strength, so they can express their feminine essence and enjoy a juicy abundant life.”

Take this home with you

10955491_10153241710812929_2755656801122270903_oDeveloped for those who want to become clear, empowered and fulfilled in all areas of life. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offers 2 1/2 full days of training, coaching and strategies to make sure you can…

  • All your Gifts Uncovered using Scientific Hand Analysis 
  • What each Gift Marking means when they show up in Your Hands and What happens when you ignore them (ie Student Path)
  • Create a guide and plan on exactly how you can use your Gifts that keep you focused, empowered and magnetic to the work you are here to do
  • Apply immediately a unique collection of step-by-step strategies that you can implement in your life . (Insights you would be hard pressed to find beyond this retreat).
  • Rub shoulders with a group of like-minded women in a luxurious atmosphere, where the beach is only a 10 minute stroll from the venue.
  • Collaborate and develop lifetime connections with high-level earners and thinkers.
  • Watch your confidence soar as you unleash your inner goddess, learn to command with power, flirt with pleasure and celebrate in play.
  • Warriors/Gods are welcome that’s right your MAN is welcome to attend with you. Watch a powerful transformation take place.

That’s the amazing opportunity in front of you right now.

So join us at the…

The Way of The Gifted Goddess



You need to take action right now, as we are only taking a limited number of women so that we can work closely with them. This may no longer be available without notice and it will fill up fast!

Enjoy the weekend with your Goddess Sisters remembering that spouses and partners are welcome. (it is totally your choice)

For those who wish to take advantage of a payment plan, registering early, or we have you covered:


I’ve always been a big believer in rewarding decisive action. So if you register before December 15th you will receive a bonus hand analysis Life School report for Free (Valued at $97)

This valuable report allows you to discover your Life School foundation style through our scientific system using Hand Analysis.

PLUS when you pay before March 15th, you will save an instant $200 off the total investment and pay $447 only


(Flights and accommodation are not covered)

Lunches ARE included for you Goddess


Bring a Friend for



– it’s always better with a Sister

PS:  if you don’t have one to bring – know you will meet many new ones here



And of course there will be a Goddess Dance Partae !!!

for those who want to don the MASK and dress up and dance the night away – then book your ticket here:

  • Ticket to Masquerade Ball (Not to be missed! This is wildly popular and a place to let down your hair, devour food, drink wine and unleash your inner goddess with other luminaries)
  • Totally optional just add at checkout $97 (all food and drinks included)


And for those who may need a little bit more time to cover your investment. Take advantage of our 2 easy payment plan


But here’s where it gets even better…

Your Registration is 100% Guaranteed!

Listen, I truly believe you will be blown away by this 2 1/2 day event, but in the slim chance that you are not satisfied. I will offer you 100% of your money back.

Here’s how it works:

Register now. Take in ONE entire day at The Way of the Gifted Goddess. If by the end of the first day, you really feel that this is not for you, or you are in anyway not satisfied. Quietly come to the back of the room. Let us know and you will be refunded. It’s that simple. No questions asked. No fuss and no shame.

This removes ALL the risk from you, and places it squarely upon my shoulders to deliver.

Sound fair?


Will YOU be among those disappointed?

Or, are you ready to join a fabulous gathering of women who have experienced abundance, clarity and freedom in life.

Join us, won’t you?

Love and Blissings


PS: Full refunds given 30 days from event date. After that date you will be able to transfer the ticket only.

Why Are These Past Attendees So Happy?


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